Top Generative Artificial Intelligence Sites


  1. ChatGPT
    "The chatbot based on generative artificial intelligence that changed everything.
  2. Perplexity
    Hybrid between a search engine and a chatbot that cites its sources. Based on GPT3.5, GPT4, Claude or Claude 2, depending on the subscription chosen.
  3. Google Bard
    Chatbot made in Alphabet, racing behind ChatGPT, but which could hold some surprises, as it will integrate with Google Assistant and therefore become capable of carrying out actions in the real world.
  4. Poe
    Interface for querying chatbots such as GPT4, GPT3.5, Claude and Open Source models.
  5. Bing Chat
  6. Chatbot de Microsoft concurrent de ChatGPT
    Collection of chatbots with different personalities and specialities. Also, a realistic and diverse character generator.
  8. You.Com
    A hybrid between a search engine and a chatbot based on OpenAI's GPT models, with the addition of an image generator based on Stable Diffusion. A $10 subscription gives access to GPT4 and Claude 2.
    Chatbot based on the ChatGPT model, focused on the needs of professionals (traditional questions/answers and also analysis of long documents, figures, images, etc.). Adapted to the needs of those who are at odds with the art of the prompt.
    Interface providing access to several chatbots (ChatGPT, Claude, Llama, etc.), several image generators (Dalle, Google Imagen, etc.) and associated APIs.
    A series of chatbots with specific personalities, by former members of the team that developed LLM Lambda.
    A hybrid between a search engine and a chatbot.

Text Generation

  1. OpenAI Playground
    OpenAI's historic text generation service, providing access to GPT models and the OpenAI APIs to create applications based on OpenAI technology.
  2. Jasper
    Text generator for marketers
  3. Quillbot
    Paraphrased text generator useful for writers who don't want to repeat texts written by others.
    Novel/short story generator.
    Text generator based on the OpenAI API
  6. ChatPDF
    Analyses the content of PDF files, with varying degrees of success.
    Text generator for businesses and students.
    Novel creation wizard based on various LLMs (Calliope, Sigurd, Euterpe, Krake, Genji). An image generator derived from Stable Diffusion is also available.
    Text generator for marketers based on the OpenAI API
    Générateur de textes reposant sur le LLM Palmyra LLM
  11. RytrText generator for marketers based on the OpenAI API


  1. Midjourney
    The best-known generator of artistic or photorealistic images.
  2. Bing Image Creator
    Générateur d'image de Microsoft reposant sur le modèle Dall-e d'OpenAI
  3. Civitai
    Sites for sharing AI-generated images and open source image generator models, often derived from Stable diffusion.
  4. Limewire
    Image generator giving access to Dall-e, BlueWillow, Stable Diffusion and Google Imagen templates. Marketplace for selling your creations.
  5. Stable Diffusion
    The benchmark Opensource image generation template on which hundreds of other online services are based. Open source version for download and online version for a fee.
    Competing image generator with different styles to Midjourney.
  7. Dall-e
    OpenAI's image generator.
    Generation of artistic images.
    AI-generated image bank and image generator competing with Midjourney
  10. Runway
    Image and video generator.
    Image generator and realistic photos.
    Image generator and editor.
  13. Kaiber.Ai
    Image, video and audio generator. Video transformation.


  1. D-Id
    Video generator based on multilingual avatars, capable of presenting your products or giving tutorials, using text you supply.
  2. Synthesia
    Video generator based on multilingual avatars, capable of presenting your products or giving tutorials, using text you supply.
  3. Heygen
    Video generator based on multilingual avatars, capable of presenting your products or giving tutorials, using text you supply.
    It's not a 100% AI service, but a suite of video editing tools for professionals, some of which rely on AI (subtitling, subtitle translation, image quality enhancement).
    Suite of image-editing tools: image cropping, quality enhancement (deflowering), removal of objects from photos, photo-realistic drawing converters, etc. Video editing tools. Useful for ecommerce sites, amateur photographers and web marketers.


    Creator of audio clips or audio books based on texts, but also a video generator with avatars reading a text.
    Text-based audio tracks generator.
    Separator between vocals and music in a song.
    Video generator with avatars.
    An online video editing suite that uses AI at certain stages (video generator, image quality enhancement).
  6. Clipchamp
    Suite of tools for creating online videos. Some of these tools use AI, for example to divert the main subject of a video.


  1. Photoroom
    Suite of photo cropping tools (background removal, background replacement, shadow addition). Useful for ecommerce sites, creating advertising or portraits for social networks.
  2. Adobe Firefly
    Image generator and editing suite from Adobe.
    Suite of tools dedicated to image generation and editing (upscaling, deflouting, restoration of old shots, colourisation, object removal, etc.).
    Suite of image cropping tools (background removal, background replacement, shadow addition), image generator and graphic templates (for advertising and social networks, like those found on Canva).
    Japanese anime-style image generator.
    Face replacement within photos as well as a suite of other face retouching tools, sexy girl image generator, short video clip generator.

Presentation - Logo

  1. Tome
    Wizard for creating attractive, convincing presentations, galleries of templates, automatic reformulation of titles, taglines and texts, generation of appropriate illustrations.
    Generates Powerpoint-style presentations (structure, text, illustration) from a simple prompt.
    Logo generator, based to some extent on artificial intelligence.


  1. HuggingFace
    Platform for developers, data and AI specialists, enabling them to train and publish their AI models in open source, then have them tested.
    Platform for running and hosting artificial intelligence models (text, image, video, etc.) and a library of open source models
  3. Flowise
    Platform enabling companies to create their own LLM.

AI Detector

    Text detector generated by ChatGPT. Very relative reliability.

Open Source LLMs


LLM created by a community of researchers


 LLMs designed by Meta

OPT 175B

LLM designed by Meta


GPT-J is an open source LLM developed by EleutherAI


LLM designed by Salesforce


LLM designed by French start-up Mistral

Stable LM

LLM designed by


LLM from Technology Innovation Institute (Abu Dhabi)


LLM created by Databricks

Proprietary LLMs


LLMs designed by OpenAI


LLM designed by Google


LLM designed by Anthropic


Anthropic and OpenAI competitor


LLM supplied by Databricks


French start-up designing LLMs and

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